your dreamhouse, our goal

1 | Personal | Help us understand what a perfect house means to you.

At Infinitas Real Estate we value personal attention. We do just that little bit extra to make sure that we meet all your dreams when it comes down to your livingspace. We do all of this within the time frame needed. With the Infinitas Tour finding your dream home is made you very convenient. The first step involves an interview face-to-face or online which we prepare a good overview of all your personal wishes.

2 | Infinitas Real Estate thinks with you | Searching for your dream house

At Infinitas Real Estate we know how hectic life can be. We understand that you don’t necessarily feel like searching the internet day in - day out, looking for a new house. Or you simply don’t have the time to search. Are you tired searching through the dozens of different property websites? Are you tired of constantly hearing, ' Sorry this one is already rented'? Are you tired of making appointments with different agencies on different day's and different times? Let us do your job! At Infinitas we think along with your needs in every aspect. Let the house hunting and planning to us, so you just have to worry about the fun things around your new Dutch home!

3 | Your dream house, our goal! | Finding your dream house

The housing markets supply to demand - chain rotates very quickly in The Hague. It’s not unusual a sought after property is gone in a matter of a few short days. You can’t find your ideal property on our website but you do need to find one quickly? With the Infinitas Tour we select de best houses from the entire database of properties that meet your specific housing wishes. We will seek beyond our own database of rental properties to quickly find the most perfect rental house matching your personal wishes. Based on the list of housing wishes from step 1 we will search within the databases of several different companies active in the field of real estate in The Hague. This to make all your housing wishes come true, for you personally. Your wishes are our goals - even if your wishes are beyond our own offers!

4 | A complete service | Viewing the houses

With the Infinitas Tour we think of everything. Do you urgently need to find your new home? Everything’s possible! If you’re in a hurry to find your new perfect home in The Hague, we will make sure that within a few hours we manage to organize an Infinitas Tour for you where. You will see different optional homes that meet your specific wishes. One of our employees will personally guide and inform you. We’ll provide you with all the answers to the questions you may bring up while you’re visiting the different rental properties. The personal Infinitas Tour takes about 2, to 3 hours and will take place on a date of your choosing.

Are you in a hurry to find a home in The Hague as soon as possible? You need that perfect appartement quickly? Or is there simply no time nor energy for a personal Infintas Tour, or are you still abroad moving to The Hague in a few months, or even weeks? Infinitas Real Estate is here to make the impossible possible! To make it easier for you as you’re still abroad or to busy, we can view your housing possibilities through various online media with the Infinitas Tour! A live house tour through facetime or skype, available directly on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Or why don’t you try a full 360 degrees online viewing? How does a 360-degree online viewing work? For more information please contact us. One of our staff members will be happy to explain to you personally by phone or via mail. Lets plan an online intake interview right away!

5 | It’s a Match! | The Letting contract or a new second Infintas Tour!

It's a match, the Infinitas Tour is a success and we found your dream home in The Hague, it's time for action! With no time to be lost we’ll immediately start making up the rental proposition to the agency or landlord, when this is covered we’ll jump in to the negotiations for getting the best rental conditions. Once the results of the negotiations are to our satisfaction we’ll be checking the arranged letting-contract. Is everything correct and settled like it should be? Great! We didn’t find your dream home on the first Infinitas Tour? We’ll just plan a second, again on a date of your preference.

6 | Your new home is a fact!

The owner has accepted our offer! As soon as the rental contract is made we will thoroughly check it. Does everything add up, and are all agreements clearly specified? Is there nothing strange mentioned in the contract? IRE makes sure your contract holds no surprises, and will let you know when this is done so the contract can be signed. With IRE at your side you can sit back while you enjoy your new dream house. Payment of the deposit and the first month's rent can be payed right at our office or via online if it's easier to you, or if you just don't feel like getting out of your new beloved home! happen either at our office or online.

7 | Facts & Figures | Finalizing the deal and key handover

The key transition! Exciting! Before this can happen we only need to create a comprehensive report to register the current state of the property. We do this to avoid any misconceptions and to make sure that you will get back your safety deposit at the end of the rental period. Off course we also check and register the current electricity meters so you'll be sure that you wont be confronted with any vague after bills! As soon as the report has been made you will receive the keys of your new house from the landlord via us. Next to a good and clear communication with the landlord we'll also make sure that the deposit and paperwork will be sorted on a timely and correct way. This is to make it absolutely sure that there are no unexpected misunderstandings when you decide to eventually leave the house so your deposit will be refunded as it should, when the time is there.

8 | Aftercare | Staying committed

You have moved into your new home, and you still might have some questions. How to send a request for a new trash contrainer? You would like new locks? We at IRE pride ourselves in providing the best possible service and you can call us any time for any kind of question you may have.

So what does this very complete and worry free rental service cost? The full Infinitas Tour costs 1 month rent +21% vat. Administrational costs included! Contact us today to plan a personal intake! We’ll get started right away! The tour is based on a 'no-cure no-pay' rate!

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