Fast, easy and reliable: Rent your home by Infinitas

Do you have a temporary space to let, or do want to rent out your entire home for a longer period? You have a whole apartment portfolio that needs managing and must be rented out as much as possible? Are you looking for a suitable tenant for your real estate? Infinitas Real Estate is a specialist in negotiating between rentals of temporary spaces for both long-term lease contracts as managing full buildings. We'll match your real estate to the ideal tenants. There's a lot what comes looking around the corner when renting out homes, IRE takes it all for you and keeps everything sorted and managed as good as possible. Facilitating negotiations and real estate managing we do for both single individuals active as a small landlord as for the real estate investor and corporations. Because of our extensive knowledge of the local market we are experts in the field of rent mediation.

Our good relationship with the many international organizations located in The Hague makes sure we have a continuous flow of home seeking expats. The many various embassies and government institutions who have The Hague as their base city make it that our database of international home seekers is extensive and broad. The minimum rental period varies from 1 month to a possible multi annual lease agreement of 4 years or longer. In addition to our relationship to the Hague international organizations we also have an extensive business network with nationals and multinational companies within the Netherlands itself. This means we also have a wide range of dutch national home seekers. Our expertise in the area of real estate rentals, as well as the dynamic and direct approach according to which we work with makes us a reliable partner when it comes down to renting out real estate quick and efficiently.

The most complete rental mediator in The Hague

  • Free advisory first interview, with no obligations
  • Advice in the renting price and support in contract negotiations
  • Juridic advice and / or opportunities
  • styling advice, how to your rent out your porperty out as quickly as possible.
  • IRE matches your real estate to a suitable tenant
  • IRE advertises via different and multiple channels (internet, mailings, collegial collaborations)
  • Sightseeing with the appropriate potential tenants
  • We select and match screening the applicant tenants
  • We negotiate about the rental price and other rental aspects
  • Creating a rent rental agreement in Dutch of English
  • We collect first payments (rent and deposit)
  • We take care of the key handover
  • Inspection Report + a full photo report
  • Aranging of utilities like gas, water and electricity
  • Financial and Technical management of Real Estate

Renting out your real estate quicky? Infinitas real estate will make it happen

Do you rent out real estate in The Hague? Do you long for a professional real estate negotiator with finding tenants for your real estate objects? Infinitas makes sure you rent out your Real Estate quickly and as much as possible with our proven way of working. Before we match your real estate to tenants we begin with selecting the best tenant candidates. Up next is screening the remaining selection of the most suitable candidates for your space(s) or the object that needs to be rented out. As a top priority Infinitas real estate takes great care excluding risks associated with renting out property, for instance risks associated with any possible legal issues with (a) tentant(s). The background of candidate tenants can tell us a lot. If candidates wants to rent via Infinitas real estate, then this is only possible when :

  • They are able to give us insights in their background
  • They are financially capable enough to fulfill the monthly rental fee

Is your house for sale? Rent it out on a temporary basis!

If your house in The Hague is for sale but a buyer doesn't seem to appear any time soon, Infinitas real estate can be of really good service to you. For the circumstances that a house still needs to be eligible to be sold quickly when a buyer does come up, we have special rental conditions so you can rent out your house on a short term basis. Risk free, if you can sell the house the tenants have to move out as this option is made clear in the rental agreement. When renting out on base of the Dutch 'vacancy law' your house can be on the market, ready to be sold but rented out in the time. When a buyer turns up, your home will be free so selling of the property may finally take place!

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