Full service agent in buying your new home

The decision to buy a new house is not taken lightly: you are looking for a home that best matches your needs and desires. At Infinitas Real Estate we believe that every situation differs and requires a unique approach. We have a very personal way of working in helping you find your dream home. The real estate market is very competitive which means that the right know how is essential when purchasing a house or apartment. If you are planning on buying a property then you might want to be represented bij an expert. Infinitas has the expertise to take away all your worries in this area.

What should you think about about when buying a house?

  • Are you sure that the property is in a good state and holds no constructional surprises?
  • What are the right questions to ask upon the house visitation?
  • What negotiation strategy should you use?

  • WIth the right counsel by your side regarding the purchase of a property you are ensured of the right type of decisionmaking. How, for instance, will you estimate the value of a house? How will you negotiate terms? IRE has vast experience when it comes to getting maximum value for your money's worth. We help you choose the right negotiation strategy and help you know what each and every article of a contract mean.

    The housing market is recovering, although there are still many houses for sale. Some aspiring home buyers find it hard to make an decision in this complex and dynamic market, and don't know where to start looking for a house to buy.

    Infinitas Real Estate helps you buy the perfect house, and makes sure all your needs and requirements are met. First we discuss these needs in a non-commital meeting. Once we discussed all your wishes and have visualised your ideal house we will start searching the market and selecting.

    A Full Service | How we help you find your dream home

    The IRE full service purchasing program :

  • Selection of properties;
  • Advice during visitations;
  • Requesting all needed documents, such as legal certificates, proof of ownership, demerger deed, proof of leasehold, home owners association's documents, etcetera .
  • Checking all information with the city council and the cadastre among others to make sure all obligations are met;
  • Helping you evaluate the visitation after which we give an advice regarding the negation strategy;
  • Ensuring an occasional constructional report, the costs of which will be for the home purchaser.
  • We communicate in the actual negotiations;
  • Advising you in choosing a notary;
  • Reading through the purchase deed;
  • Guarding important data and mentioning important pieces of the purchase deed;
  • Checking all documents prodived by the notary;
  • Checking the property before the final transition;
  • Accompanying you in the final stage of key transition and notary visit;

  • Offcourse, every step and decision in this process is taken after well discussing it with you. Whether its for the purchase of a property in The Hague, a spacious apartment in Leiden or a beautiful flat in Rotterdam, Infinitas makes sure everything is taken care of!

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