short stay

Temporary fully equipped short- and long- stay apartments in The Hague

Renting a temporary apartment or house? Looking for a temporary apartment in The Hague for your work? Infintas Real Estate will find you the best place matched to your specific needs. We always have multiple well-kept short stay family homes and apartments in The Hague right and ready to move in! We also have a broad range of fully-equipped one-person short stay apartments in the region of The Hague. A temporary residence in Den Haag can be difficult to find because of the considerable big number of home seeking expats, just like you possibly.

Our short stay rentals in Den Haag are always fully furnished and luxuriously equipped. We have independent small short-stay studios as well as short stay apartments including every single detail to make for a comfortable home. Think of WiFi, TV, washing machine and a full cleaning service. In some apartments there even is a help desk available for 24 hours per day, for all 7 days of the week.

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